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The Teaching of maths has changed much in the past few years.ma1 Project Maths, the full new course is being taught to all classes.  The main aim of Project Maths is to change the way Maths is taught so that students leave school with a greater understanding of the...
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Shave or Dye

Riversdale Gives Back! This year Riversdale took part in the annual 2FM Shave or Dye fundraising event for The Irish Cancer Society.  The Irish Cancer Society is a huge charity which does great work for those affected by cancer while also providing support to their families. Ms. Murphy, Mr.McDaniel, Mr.White and the 5th year LCVP students organized...
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The Night of the Stolen

sw_7It was a cold, snowy night in the city of Awesome. Our agent, SOX8, was walking home on Christmas Eve to his lovely wife when his phone started to ring. It was his boss. She had said “An evil golem named Knack started to steal all the...
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The Evil Elves

sw_6Most elves are good but some are bad. The good try to spread Christmas cheer but the evil try to ruin Christmas and this year they came close. It was Christmas Eve and all was set. The reindeer were ready to fly, the toys were made and the...
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The Christmas Disaster that was Stopped by a Master


It was the night before and all through the house there was nothing stirring not even a mouse-then bang! There was glass everywhere. Somebody smashed the glass in the sitting room. There were people in the house. I ran down the stairs and saw Santa....
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Sick Rudolf

sw_4The day before Christmas Eve disaster struck. One of Santa’s main reindeers, Rudolf, was very sick. Santa didn’t know what to do. If Rudolf was sick on the night of Christmas Even how can Santa give everyone their presents for being so good? But Santa also thought about...
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Christmas Times

Uh yeah, Christmas is just around, I hear the music so I turn up the sound. I can’t believe it’s so near it’s the most wonderful time of year. It was celebrated by the birth of Jesus. He was born on the Christmas season.

Everybody say HAY HAY HAY and if you don’t it won’t be...

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The Old Man


There was an old man from Peru

Who dreamed he was eating his shoe

He woke in a fright

In the middle of the night

He saw a puff of smoke

And thought it was a joke

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Christmas War

sw_1It was a cold December morning and the snow was glistening in the sun. My mother had gone to work in the ammunition factory. My grandmother lived with us and had the fire lighting and the breakfast ready for me and my sister. We had very little...
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2N Make a Book

Report on “Make –a – Book 2014” by Class 2N

In Library class we decided to make a book for the “Make a Book” exhibition. Ms. Carmody, the librarian, came up with a great idea. We would look at the river Tolka and write stories based around it. First we traced the river from source to finish...
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