Adolf Hitler

By Marian Bustamante

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in April in the year 1889. As a child Hitler had a very brutal childhood because of his father beating him up constantly, at the age of ten he decided to run away from home, eventually he got caught by his father. He got beaten up for punishment. Hitler was so badly beaten he went into Acoma for a few days. Hitler wasn’t really interested in school but he was good at two things which were art and. Hitlers dreams was to be a big artist as his mother believed in him. Adolf Hitler went to Vienna to audition for the FineArtsAcademy to continue his dream. Hitler became very upset when his dreams got shattered, he got rejected from the Fine Arts Academy along with his mother dying from breast cancer, four days before Christmas. Hitler blamed these events on the Jewish members of the school. At that time Vienna was a city were hatred of Jews was spoken about openly. Hitler had an idea that his grandfather was a Jew because somebody had said to him that Hitler himself looked like a Jew. Hitler thought that Jews were diseased, this brought disgrace, great shame and anger to him because he hated the Jews.


He became happy as he loved his time as a soldier.Germany went to war with England,France and Russia. In the year 1917 America went into war aswell. Mustard Gas was used, this could blind your eyes and kill your lungs. Hitler got injured and won the highest medal in Germany called the Iron CrossHe became happy as he loved his time as a soldier. While Hitler was in the hospital he was devastated when they announced that Germany had surrendered. Hitler blamed the politicians and the Jews for the defeat and the revolution that followed WW1. Hitler also blamed them for the Hyper-Inflation, this was an extreme rise in the prices of goods which destroyed their economy. Germany had many years of instability after WW1. The governments became very weak and the German people became very unhappy with how they were suffering and they wanted a strong leader after Germany got defeated. Hitler was Anti-Semetic and he believed that Jews were inferior to Aryan Germans. These were the pure good Germans, they were tall, blonde and blue eyed. In the year 1924 Adolf Hitler became part of the Beer Hall Putsch this was an attempt to seize control of Germany. It had failed and he was sent to Landsburg Prison were he wrote the book called Mein Kamf. The four main themes of this book was 1) The importance of race. 2) The survival of the fittest. 3) The need for dictatorship. 4) Germany should rule the world.

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