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Programmes carried out in the school.

The School Garden Project 2010-2011

The School Completion Programme and the Gaisce Awards Programme are involved in a school Garden Project. The various school gardens are being developed and to date we have a Herb Garden beside the TOFE Canteen and a Contemplative Garden beside the Library. Work in these gardens is on-going and involves maintenance of existing beds as...
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Green Schools

Riversdale Green-Schools Programme

Green-Schools  Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well-defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day to day running of the school. Riversdale Community College cares deeply about environmental issues, and so, in September 2010 we introduced the Green-Schools programme to Riversdale. We are currently working towards being...
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Gaisce Awards

The President's Award at Riversdale Community College

2012 Congratulations to the thirty-five 4th year students who were awarded Gaisce, President's Award medals at the 4th Year Graduation in May 2012. The recipients were very involved volunteering both within and outside the school during the year and were a credit to the school and to their families. The group...
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