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Christmas War

sw_1It was a cold December morning and the snow was glistening in the sun. My mother had gone to work in the ammunition factory. My grandmother lived with us and had the fire lighting and the breakfast ready for me and my sister. We had very little...
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2N Make a Book

Report on “Make –a – Book 2014” by Class 2N

In Library class we decided to make a book for the “Make a Book” exhibition. Ms. Carmody, the librarian, came up with a great idea. We would look at the river Tolka and write stories based around it. First we traced the river from source to finish...
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Joseph Vassarionvich Stalin 1878-1920

By Miroslav Talar

Stalin was born in Russia 18th of December 1878 and died 5th of March 1953. Stalin was the first general secretary of the communist party of a soviet union. In 1929 Stalin makes the New Economic Policy. Stalin before his death in 1953 led the USSR during...

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Joseph Stalin

by Eric Mwamba

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One of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history, Stalin was the grate ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of...
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Josef Stalin : December 21, 1879 – March 5, 1953

By Henry Kulikov

template_clip_image002_0009 The Early Years: Josef Stalin suffered a bout of smallpox when he was seven and this permanently scarred his face. At the age of twelve, his left arm suffered permanent damage due to two carriage accidents. At sixteen, he...
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By Scott Costello

template_clip_image002_0008 Adolf Hitler was born in the early hours of the morning on 20 April 1889. He was the 4th son of Klara Polzl out of 6 children. When he was three years old, his family relocated to Kapuzinerstrasse in Passau in Germany. When Hitler was...
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Hitler the father of the Nazis

By Isaac Ogene

template_clip_image002_0007 Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau in Austria, on 20 April 1889. The son of a fifty two year old Austrian customs Alois Schickelgruber, Hitler and his third wife, Klara Poelzl both from the backwoods of lower Austria. The young Hitler was a resentful, moody, lazy...
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HITLER 1889-1933

By Kirsty Gallagher

template_clip_image001_0002 Adolf Hitler was born in April 1889 in, Austria. His father, Alois, worked as a customs officer. Adolf attended school from the age of six he wanted to leave school and apply for admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Adolf's mother...
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Benito Mussolini

By Marian Bustamante

template_clip_image002_0006 Benito Mussolini was born on the 29th of July 1883, was an Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party. Mussolini became the 40th Prime Minister of Italy in the year1922. Mussilini's official title was "His Excellency Benito Mussolini, Head of Government, Duce of Fascism, and...
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Benito Mussolini : July 29 1883 – April 28 1945

by Henry Kulikov

template_clip_image002_0005 A restless child, Mussolini was disobedient, unruly, and aggressive. He was a bully at school and moody at home. Because the teachers at the village school could not control him, he was sent to board with the strict Salesian order at Faenza,...
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