Engineering & Metalwork

Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize a solution to the needs of society.

Here at Riversdale Community College we teach Materials Technology, (commonly called Metalwork), to Junior Certificate level, followed by a one year Transition course before moving onto study Engineering for two years to Leaving Certificate level.

At Junior Certificate level students study the basics of materials, tools and machinery, while endevouring to put this knowlege to use in the manufacture of a wide variety of artifacts. The Junior Certificate offers both Higher and Ordinary level, with marks going for a project manufactured in school time and a final written exam at Ordinary level. At Higher level there is also the additional challenge of a three hour practical early in May.

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Health and Safety is extremely important in a workshop and this is stressed to the students at all times. Machines and even tools, if used incorrectly, can be very dangerous, so students are trained in safe procedures and how to react in the case of an emergency.

At Leaving Certificate level the focus moves more toward the Design side of Engineering, however skill improvement is still important and theoretical knowledge is increased. Again the course has both Higher and Ordinary levels with a design project manufactured during school time, a six hour project in early May and a final written exam.

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Metalwork / Engineering is a challenging and exciting subject providing both theoretical and practical elements. As such it is very different subject from most other subjects and provides a real link between school and everyday life. Students take great pride in producing a workpiece with their hands and bringing it home.

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