Maths Week

We recently celebrated the 9th annual Maths Week Ireland which is an all island celebration of Mathematics, (October 11 th– 18th).
As part of our busy week , we ran daily Maths quiz’s.  These proved to be very popular with both pupils and staff getting very excited about winning.  Seeing groups of students in the corridors arguing over solutions was very interesting indeed.
Prizes included  Blanchardstown  Shopping Centre and School Canteen vouchers for teachers and pupils.

Mr. Austin Fennessy, Vice Principal and Mr. Sean Murphy (Head of Mathematics) with some of the week’s winners.

And the Winners were, (in no particular order) :
  • Joseph McCabe,
  • Eric Mullen,
  • Peter O’Sullivan,
  • Jun Estrada,
  • Mykela Sullivan,
  • Lee Rowe,
  • Craig Condron,
  • Metab Muhammed,
  • Jade McLaren,
  • Monika Pamparaite,
  • Erica Tiebel,
  • Courtney Johnston,
  • Laurence Gannon