Shave or Dye

Riversdale Gives Back!

This year Riversdale took part in the annual 2FM Shave or Dye fundraising event for The Irish Cancer Society.  The Irish Cancer Society is a huge charity which does great work for those affected by cancer while also providing support to their families.

Ms. Murphy, Mr.McDaniel, Mr.White and the 5th year LCVP students organized the event, which was a massive success and great fun for all those involved.  The event took place on Friday March 28th and coincided with The Irish Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil day.

Teachers and senior students were asked to take part by either shaving or dying their hair (temporarily or permanently).   4 teachers and 5 students had their heads shaved on the day and 2 teachers and 14 students spray dyed their hair.  Other students took the plunge and permanently dyed their hair at home.  Each person involved had a sponsorship card and all students in the school paid 2euro each to attend the event.  A raffle was organized between all students and the winners were given the opportunity (and the pleasure) of shaving participating teacher’s heads.

Barry Caeser from Westend Barbers kindly gave up his afternoon to support the event and (professionally) shave heads and tidy up the hair of the poor teachers who were ‘attacked’ by the winning students.  Participating 5th year students were only too delighted to try out some of his more creative ideas (see pictures).

In the end Riversdale C.C. raised in excess of 1500euro for The Irish Cancer Society.  This was a massive achievement for all those involved.  We are over the moon with the level of support we received and delighted at the amount raised for such a wonderful and worthwhile cause.  The organizers would like to thank all those teachers and students who volunteered their heads in the name of Charity and those who gave their time and energy to help make the event a success.  A special thank you also, to Barry from Westend Barbers for lending his professional skills to us for the afternoon.

Start growing your hair for next year folks!