The Christmas Disaster that was Stopped by a Master


It was the night before and all through the house there was nothing stirring not even a mouse-then bang! There was glass everywhere. Somebody smashed the glass in the sitting room. There were people in the house. I ran down the stairs and saw Santa. I said “You’re supposed to be good”. He then said “I am. I’m here to save your Christmas. Someone just robbed the presents. I will get them back.” Santa said as he dashed into his sleigh. He told me, “Come with me kid. I’ll bet you can help me”. We flew off and were soon on the robbers tails. Then we landed the sleigh on the roof of the getaway car. Then I smashed the window and climbed in and threw the toys back out to Santa. One of the men grabbed me by the leg. With one boot he released me and I was safe. I went back to my house and went to sleep knowing I was safe.

The End.