The Evil Elves

sw_6Most elves are good but some are bad. The good try to spread Christmas cheer but the evil try to ruin Christmas and this year they came close.

It was Christmas Eve and all was set. The reindeer were ready to fly, the toys were made and the sleigh was prepared. Then the king of the evil elves, Kevin, with a team of specialists broke into the reindeer stables and released all of them. Santa had to get rid of the evil elves and it was up to the queen, Jean and her team to get them back. They found four of them two miles from the work shop. They found Prancer at the bottom of a seven hundred foot ice cliff. The queen and the team had to abseil down the side of the cliff. Dancer was found at the side of a frozen lake just before he stepped on it. At a dark forest they found cupid with a sprained leg. They found two more drinking from a hole they made in a frozen river. They found Rudolf by his red nose almost twenty miles from the workshop. They had to ride the reindeer to the workshop and Christmas was saved.