Admission Policy


Those children whose addresses are part of the designated Roman Catholic parishes of St. Patrick’s, Corduff and Ladyswell, Mulhuddart, provided that Riversdale Community College is the school chosen by their parents/guardians on transfer from primary to post-primary education.  This automatic right of admission applies to all children irrespective of gender, race, religion, intellectual or physical disability provided that:

  1. Application for admission is made in sufficient time to facilitate the formation of classes for the next academic year.  After classes have been formed it may not be possible to accept further applications.
  2. Suitable staffing provision, required special equipment and necessary modification of the building, has been made by the Department of Education & Science for those suffering from disabilities.
  3. Children already attending other second-level schools whose families have re-located into the designated catchment area above, provided that it would be considered extremely difficult to continue in their present schools.
  4. See the Transfers section below.


Applications may be considered by the Board of Management from parents not fulfilling the criteria listed in 1 and 2.  Admission to the school under this heading will be at the discretion of Board of Management who will seek documentary or other evidence of the reasons for application to this school.  See the Transfers section below.


  1. In general it is the policy of the Board of Management, not to accept transfers during the school year.  However, in the case of students where the family have moved into the catchment area and who are not enrolled in another Post Primary School, applications may be considered : (see below)
  2. Applications may not be considered from students who are the subject of ongoing disciplinary proceedings in another school, which includes any ongoing statutory appeals procedures  in accordance with the Education Act 1998 or the Education of Persons with Special Needs Act 2004.
  3. It is also the policy of the school not to accept students on transfer who are currently enrolled in a Post Primary School in the local area, other than in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board.
  4. Having taking into account A, B and C above, applications to transfer into the  School will be considered having regard to:-
    1. Health & Safety and Well Being of existing pupils and staff.
    2. Availability of a suitable class place/subject options.
    3. Resources

The school will refuse to enrol, if the above criteria are not met.

It is a necessary condition for admission that parents accept, sign and support the schools Code Of Behaviour.