Child Protection Policy

(Adopted  by the BOM April 14th 2011)

The Board of Management of Riversdale Community College has formally adopted the “Departmnet of Education & Science Child Protection Guidelines for Post – Primary Schools.”

These guidelines are available to be consulted by all staff in the “School Plan”  &  “Guidance Plan”.

The Designated Liaison Person (D.L.P.) for Child Protection in this school is the Principal, Mr. Gildea.  In his absence the matter should be immediately referred to Mr. A. Fennessy who is the Deputy Designated Liaison person.  Should both Mr. Gildea and Mr. Fennessy be unavailable, the concern should be brought to the attention of Mr. S. Deery, Deputy Principal.

School procedure :

  1. Any member of staff who has a concern relating to Child Protection should immediately discuss it with the Designated Liaison Person.
  2. The Designated Liaison Person will then make a decision on how to proceed based upon the Children First Guidelines.

Definitions and recognition of Child Abuse under the 4 headings of (1) Neglect, (2) Emotional Abuse, (3) Physical Abuse (4) Sexual Abuse are attached and for more details relating to confidentially etc please refer to the Children First Guidelines.

To ensure that all staff and in particular new staff are aware of these procedures, child protection will be an agenda item on a staff meeting at the beginning of each school year.

A. Fennessy
School Planning Co-ordinator

Child Protection Policy.pdf

Riversdale CC Child Safeguarding Policy Statement 2020