Cultural Studies – Transition Year


Course Aim

The aim of this course is to offers students the opportunity to study and experience the most vibrant aspects of one of the performing arts in Ireland. The music strand provides an introduction to the structure, characteristics, scope and history of Irish traditional music. The areas of rhythm and melody and the methods by which Irish music is taught will be covered in the practical section of each class.


Learning Outcomes

After completing the Cultural Studies strand of Transition Year students will have a critical understanding and appreciation of the major themes, personalities and events that have shaped the history and development of traditional Irish music.


Course Plan

Week 1 Introduction to the Bodhran How to hold the stick

How to hold the bodhran

Basic  beats

2/3 Hornpipe beats

Playing to a hornpipe

Introduction to the Tin Whistle How to hold the Whistle

The scale of D

Week 2 Bodhran Revision of week 1

Introduction to Jig Beats
Additional Hornpipe beats

Playing above to tunes

Tin Whistle Revision of the Scale of D

First part of the Kerry Polka

Week 3 Bodhran  Revision of previous week

Introduction to playing polka and reel beats

Introduction to playing trebles

Playing along to hornpipes, polkas, jigs and reels.

Tin Whistle  Revision of previous week

Part 2 of Kerry Polka

Week 4 Bodhran  Revision

Adding trebles

When playing to

Hornpipes and Jigs

Introduction to side beats

Tin Whistle  Revision

Part 1 of a jig

Week 5 Bodhran  Revision

More complicated beats for jigs, hornpipes, reels and polkas

Playing above to

CD tracks.

Tin Whistle  Revision

Part 2 of jig

Week 6 Bodhran  Revision

Using the back of the bodhran

Adding these sounds to various beats

Tin Whistle  Introduction to using cuts and rolls

Using these within the 2 tunes learnt so far

Week 7 Bodhran  Using syncopated Beats

Adding these with the beats already learnt and playing to CD tracks

Tin Whistle  Julia Cliffords Polka
Week 8 & 9 Revision of all material covered in weeks 1-week 7.