Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme was reintroduced across the country in the mid 1990s. It’s overall mission is to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of students. The Transition Year Programme at Riversdale continues to provide students with a solid foundation for the Leaving Certificate course. It provides students with space in which to learn, mature and develop in the absence of exam pressure while also preparing them personally and educationally so that they can better withstand the pressures of the Leaving Certificate when they enter fifth and sixth year.

The programme is comprised of core subjects, exam subject modules and non-exam modules. The core and exam subject modules cover many areas – some directly related to the Leaving Cert courses, others encompassing topics and skills which will assist Leaving Certificate studies and other areas of development indirectly.

The non-exam subject modules work on the total development of the student providing introduction into such areas as information technology, health and fitness, cultural studies, outdoor education and drama.

The work experience element of the programme is a valuable part of the programme in that it provides students with skills in job seeking and then allows them to experience the world of full time work. The following are some excerpts from pieces written by students on their return from their work experience placements.

Special Event Days such as the annual trip to the National Museum at Collins’ Barracks and Kilmainham Gaol and the Health and Fitness Day also provide an educational and enjoyable aspect to the programme.

Transition Year students are also encouraged to become involved in charity work during Transition Year. Selected charities include Santa Bear Appeal for the CRC, Trick or Treat for Temple Street and Daffodil Day for the Irish Cancer Society.

Overall the Transition Year provides students with the chance to mature and learn new skills in advance of studying for the Leaving Cert.